Seann Altman


Describe your fashion style!

Androgynous, gender fluid. I dress up how I feel on a certain day. What I wear reflects
how I am feeling that specific day. I like vintage clothing. I thrift most of my clothes and
I look for more artistic pieces of clothing. I really like colors and I always like
incorporating some form of color in my outfits. I get really inspired by the style of 90s. I
really like butterfly clips, high waisted jeans, and a good platform. I am also really into
floral prints and lace. I usually shop in the women's section but I always make sure to
scope the entire store. Fashion is a big part of my life. Putting an outfit together is a nice
and fun way to embrace the creative side of me. I have learned a lot about who I am by
observing how my style has grown and changed over the years. I used to be scared to
dress out of the ordinary because I was scared of people judging me. I thought that if I
even wore pink people would think I was “gay.” Now I am fully comfortable with who I
am and I don’t really care what people think. I dress for myself, for my happiness, and for
my freedom to be who I am.

What was the process like for you coming out as queer or non-binary?

It is hard to say. I never really came out. People kind of just knew. My mother ended up finding stuff on my phone which led her to ask me if I was gay. So I guess I came out when my mother asked if I was gay and I replied with yes. My whole life I always knew I was gay I was just scared to admit it. After I came out to my parents I really did not care what other people thought anymore. Then I got a boyfriend and that kinda sealed the deal for me. Honestly my boyfriend now really helped me admit to myself that I really was gay and that I wasn’t going through some “phase.” My boyfriend and I are still together and we currently live together. We have been together for about 1 year and 6 months.

What was it like for you growing up?

Growing up I was always afraid of being gay. My family would look down on it so I grew up not ever feeling accepted. I went to art school my whole life so I never dealt with any bullying. I grew up in fear of being gay so I tried to trick myself into thinking that I wasn’t. I used to try and cover up who I was by dressing up how I thought a “normal” guy should dress. I still never felt “normal.” I always felt like an outsider, like there was something wrong with who I was and that I did not belong. It wasn’t until I came to terms with who I was that I was able to feel a sense of belonging and happiness. The best advice I could have given myself growing up would be to just be your self no matter what. Stop caring what other people think and stop listening to people who tell you how to go about thinking. Be yourself and you will find happiness. You will find that you really do belong.

What's one thing you would tell your younger self?

The best advice I could have given myself growing up would be to just be your self no matter what. Stop caring what other people think and stop listening to people who tell you how go about thinking. Be yourself and you will find happiness and you will find that you really do belong. Also I would tell myself that pink as a favorite color is okay for a boy. We are people and we are not defined by gender, we should choose how we want to define ourselves.

What advice would you give someone who feels like they are an outcast in their community?

This question is complicated. Certain communities are less accepting than others. I was fortunate enough to be surrounded by a community who was fairly accepting. I grew up going to art school, and my parents were very supportive. However in a community not so accepting, being yourself can be hard. Be yourself above all else in the end. However understand the consequences. The people that do not accept who you are are not worthy of knowing who you are. Find a place and a community where people love who you are and support who you are.

Favorite memory?

My favorite memory is probably from the time I went to Japan. I went with two other girl friends last winter and we were in Harajuku. I wore this pink-lavender-white outfit with white heels and had flowers in my hair with a full beat of makeup. I felt so glamorous and very harajuku inspired. I walked through Tokyo that day as myself and I felt confident about who I was. I was also with two really close friends and we were all dressed EXTRA together and it was really fun. There was this unbreakable energy about being confident together as a group that I can’t really explain with words. People even asked to take my pictures with my because they liked my style. I was truly changed by going to Japan. The people were so kind and I never felt judged for being myself. Japan helped me let down a guard I had been keeping up for so long.

What are YOU serving today?

Well currently I am serving sweats and a comfy t-shirt because it is homework day. But
yesterday I was serving a look. I wore a red knitted long sleeve vintage polo that I cut to
be cropped, high waisted blue jeans with a black grommer belt, black babydoll shoes with black and white checkered socks, and I accessorized with red and white butterfly
clips/flowers in my hair.

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